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Unfortunately, TradingView doesn't offer tick charts. Only time based bars and range bars are supported. There are suggestions that TradingView has the intention of supporting tick data in the future. At the time of writing no firm date has been confirmed. If you prefer using tick charts in your trading.

Teams. Q&A for work. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. Learn more about Teams. cdawn79 • 1 min. ago. The free plan is limited to one chart layout. Click the arrow next to your layout name to see if you’ve already created another layout. level 1. · 10 mo. ago. it could be that your orders are not actually limit orders but limit-market orders. So you never see them on the chart because they don't really ever show up. At least that was my problem for forex trading. level 2. · 9 mo. ago..

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Help. In case anyone wants to create a watchlist of the complete S&P 500 in Trading view, (1) create a new list, (2) click on the + button, and (3) copy and paste the below list into the field for adding a new symbol and finally (4) press enter on your keyboard. Hope that helps. CW..

By default there should always be a chart open on the TradingView terminal. 1. Users of TradingView can increase the size of their chart by left clicking the full screen button if needed. 2. Users can also change the contract of their chart by left clicking in the upper left hand corner of the chart, deleting the current symbol, and searching ....

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